So, about me….

Well, the simple version is that I am a lawyer by day and crafter by all other waking hours!

my heart is full partial

The longer explanation for the creation of this blog is as follows….

My love of crafting began as a child. I would spend hours painting, or sewing or drawing. I was most at peace when I could make something, anything.

Unfortunately, in the later years of high school and during university I didn’t craft much, and then due to all the time constraints that come with starting a career, I stopped crafting altogether. It was only at the beginning of this year that I returned to crafting. My entry point was discovering Project Life, which I found to be a great way of documenting my life at home while my partner was overseas for work. Then from there, through blogs and youtube, I have slowly been feeling my way into more traditional scrapbooking. And finally, just to mix it up, I’ll occasionally try my hand at card making or knitting or simply colouring.

For me, crafting is my happy space. My mental time out from everything else that is going on in my life.

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