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Darrel’s December Daily – Workspace Revisited

My December Daily adventure got a boost yesterday when I switched up my workspace. I’m lucky enough to have a craft corner in my office, but it lacked natural light which is a must for scrapbooking. The other thing that I personally find essential is having my supplies ready to hand.

My solution :

1. My Skinny desk (Kmart Scandy Essentials Desk -$39)

As you can see in the front right of the picture, I have a larger desk set up as my work desk. However, after working on it all day, the last thing I want to do is pack everything up to craft, only to pack up to work again the next morning. This skinny desk from Kmart is the perfect solution. Wide enough to work on but small enough in fit in my already packed office!

2. Paper Storage

12 x 12 paper storage is a nightmare, especially in Australia where very little is sized to accommodate scrapbooking paper. I found this box which has 12×12 hanging files inside. Unfortunately I can’t find the website I purchased it from, but here’s a link to the uk manufacturers if you want to have a. Closer look. I have my papers organised by colour.

3. Collections Storage (Really Useful Box 7L and Tray $27)

As a long admirer of the iris boxes in the states, I found the next best thing here in Australia. These boxes have a tray to hold embellishments, and are readily available at Officeworks. At the moment I have 1 for Daily December and the others I have my stash organised by collection.

4. Bookshelf (IKEA Billy $49)

I use fully size Billy bookshelves as storage for my office and other craft supplies. This half size one is really handy to hold products related to my current project.

5. Magnetic noticeboard ( Officeworks strip $20 & containers)

This magnetic strip is light enough to be hung with 3 m hooks. The little containers are magnetic too. I use mine to hold tiny wood veneer

6. IKEA noticeboard

Love this gold noticeboard. Perfect for hanging cards with paperclips.

7. Alex draws (IKEA tall Alex drawers $129)

These draws started off life as makeup storage more than five years ago. Now they hold everything from washi tape to mixed media supplies. I highly recommend the whole Alex line as storage, and one day when the inside of my draws are clean I might show you.

8. Ephemera Storage (Kmart plastic storage $12)

The beauty about this storage unit is that each drawer has a lid so it’s easy to grab a box to craft on the run!

9. Sticker / stamp display (Officeworks brochure display $10-$20)

We used these brochure display units at our wedding and. Now I’ve repurposed them to hold. My current favourite stickers and stamps. I’m hoping this way I’ll be more likely to use my stamps, and use up the stickers which are otherwise locked away in my drawers.

In action: