Silver snowflakes – Week 1 Christmas QAYG – a -long

One of my latest quilt adventures is joining the #Iwishyouamerryqal. Hosted by a collection of lovely quilting ladies (check the facebook group for details), the basic concept is to make a different 12 inch block every two weeks. 


Design wise for the quilt as a whole I haven’t made any detailed plans, not least because I have no idea of what is coming. Basically my plan is to pick from my Christmas stash for any feature elements and pull anything else from my stash that works as background.

The first block was a snowflake pattern and here’s my take: 

Following the advice of many in the facebook group I invested in some Heat n Bond Light to attach the snowflakes and it worked very well.

For the applique, since satin stitch and I don’t get along, I decided to simply straight stitch around the edge twice. It’s not perfect and I have some tension issues to address but overall I like the look it produces. 

The choice to use metallic silver thread was less about my love of silver and more about not having the right blue. But I do have quite a stash of metallic thread from my handsewn christmas card days so it might just work. 

As a bonus, the silver really pops on the black background although it’s hard to capture in a photo (and to defluff!) 









Overall I’m happy with how this turned out. Moving forward to the next block I think I’ll adopt the following guidelines for the whole quilt

  • Low volume block background
  • Bright christmas feature fabric
  • Metallic quilting
  • Solid backing (red, green, black, white etc) 

Hopefully that will give the quilt a sense of consistency. And if not, at least I’ll have lots of panels for Christmas pillows!

Till block 2…







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