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I’ve been on quite the organisational kick for the past week. I cleaned up my sewing workspace and have identified 15 works of progress in various stages of completion. In an effort to get me motivated to finish them, I’m joining in the third quarter of #fal2017. You can read my full list here. However, realistically 15 quilts/quilt projects in three months is probably not achieveable. 

Being worried about failing before the quarter had even really started,  I was quite excited to discover ‘One Monthly Goal’. It’s the perfect launching off point.  I plan on selecting one of the 15 each month, in the knowledge that combining the two challenges should keep me on point for finishing at least 6 projects by the end of the year. And at the end of the day, if I manage to do that, that’s pretty good! 


Elm Street Quilts

I’ve selected the pinwheel quilt as my goal for the July linkup

15.  Genny and ruth baby quilt (block making stage) 

I started this quilt back in February when @keepsafequilts hosted the #virtualcharityquiltday. It’s the wip I’m most motivated to finish, as I intended it to have been sent in months ago. Two blocks are finished, the third is cut and the forth in blue still needs fabrics selected. But I do have the backing fabric! 

The project is based on turning 8 inch pinwheel blocks I received in an instagram swap into a baby quilt for charity. In total I received 18 blocks and I’ve completed one quilt with 9 blocks already. 

The remaining 9 blocks will make a lovely twin to this blanket. ( I hope! )

Here’s some of the blocks that need to be quilted

The tracks and binding will be made with this pinwheel fabric. 

See you back here at the end of July! 

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  1. Love pinwheels. Glad you found OMG. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

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