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Foundation Paper Piecing Tips and Tricks

This page will grow over time as a place to collate my favourite foundation paper piecing guides / tutorials. If you have any recommendations please add them in the comments below. 


I love paper piecing for the flexibility and accuracy you can achieve. 

My top 5 tips:

  1. Use a small stitch length (I find 1.4 is good)
  2. Always cut the fabric bigger than you think you will need.
  3. Press in between sections. A quick iron will do wonders for the finished quality of your piecing
  4. Use an old needle. Sewing through paper is a great way to ruin a needle, so start with an older one. 
  5. Take your time. Seam ripping on a FPP pattern is not fun! Check twice, sew once. 

Recommended tutorials:

  1. The Tartankiwi aka Juliet (seriously recommend her patterns too if you catch the FPP bug. Not all patterns out there are good, hers are fabulous!)
  2. Quiet Play aka Kristy (again, highly recommend her patterns. I’ve made multiple designs, one day I will have them all linked here!)
  3. Amada Rolfe of 3and3quarters (great, straightforward video by a fellow Aussie!)
  4. Karen Johnson of Connecting Threads (great visual teaching)
A paper pieced diamond – pattern by @sariellastudios