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Kmart Hack – How to make a rose gold display frame

This is a quick and easy Kmart hack project. The kind of thing you can make and have up on the wall in 30 minutes. Seriously! And if you are a lover of all things crafty, this diy ‘kmart hack’ decor can both satisfy a craving to create and then be used to display other crafty activities for months to come. I have mounted mine on the wall in my craft room/ study and will be using it to display my favourite scrapbooking pages before they get locked away in my albums. If you are interested in how I made the page in the picture, check back next week for the tutorial blog post.


How to : Kmart Hack 


Felt memo board $8

Rose gold adhesive vinyl $1.25 (you only need 1/4 of the $5 roll )

Bulldog clip $0.05 (part of a rose gold stationary pack for $5)



Stanley knife

Cutting surface

Tiny Phillips head screwdriver (optional)


1. Prep the board

Find a clean, hair/lint/dust free space to work. I laid down some new fabric and worked on top of it. Anywhere clean and solid will do. Un-package the memo board and pull back the prongs so you can remove the felt backing board. Then undo one of the knots to remove the elastic and wooden balls. If you want you can remove the hooks the board comes with. I use 3m tabs to hang frames in my house so I took these off to make room for the tabs. (Tip – Make your mind up about this before you start covering!)


2. Cover two sides

The vinyl is only wide enough to wrap around two sides at a time. So since I wanted the front facing to be free of joins I decided to cover the left and right edges first. Cut two strips of the vinyl approximately 4cm wide and the width of the vinyl. Peel the backing paper off a small section at a time and rub the vinyl until it sticks firmly and smoothly to the wood. Once the side is complete, wrap the edge around towards the back of the frame and rub again to secure. 

3. Cover the front and remaining sides

Lay the frame down on the vinyl and cut a piece large enough to cover the front and wrap around the top and bottom of the frame. Follow the same process of removing small sections of the backing paper and rubbing the vinyl smooth. 

Remember covering your school books with contact – it’s exactly the same process. I recommend using a plastic card to rub for a smooth finish. 

4. Cutting down

At this point you will have a giant sticky vinyl square. Start by cutting out the centre as in the first picture below. You can save this vinyl to use again by sticking it on the original backing paper. Next cut diagonal lines into the four corners. This will allow you to wrap the vinyl around the inner sides of the frame. Once again use the credit card technique to smooth the vinyl over the ridges.


5. Patch if you wish

This method will leave little corners of wood visible. If you had cut the vinyl into four strips and wrapped each side one at a time, you would avoid this issue but gain the issue of having the overlap of the vinyl visible on the front of the frame. It’s up to you. I chose to cut tiny strips from the leftover vinyl to patch up the corner pieces. It’s hardly noticeable when hanging. 

6. Back together

Now that the frame is completely covered in vinyl, you simply need to attack the back felt and hang on the wall. The board comes with wooden pushpins. I used one of these in combination with a rose gold bulldog clip to provide the means to hang my layouts. You could attach the bulldog dip with glue, or with string through the holes that once held the elastic. However, the benefit of this approach, is that I can change the way this felt board is used when the whim takes me.

Darrel rob kmart frame hack
The finished board


Darrel rob kmart frame hack
In situ