OLW, One Little Word

Creating Intentions : OLW 2017

January prompt is finished, and it’s still January! 

While I purposefully made it a priority, it is still a bit of a shock to me that I actually finished. I think in part that’s due to having the kit which helped me keep the creative side focused. And, perhaps more importantly, when it came to coming up with answers I went with my first response, trying really hard not to over think or over analyse it. 

Having the month complete gives me something to flick through, to remind myself of my hopes and plans and intentions. Bring on February! 

On the crafty side, here’s a few tips and tricks based on what I created. 

Besides the kit elements, I pulled a few things from my stash mostly from my Daily December kits, Kikki K planner stickers and some project life elements (read the things sitting near the top of ny stash)

Coincidently  (or perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence at all) the word create featured in a quilt panel I created earlier this year for a round robin swap. So I printed a photo of it on my selphy, and found a Project Life everyday frame to centre it for my title page. Unfortunately the frame wasn’t quite the colour I wanted, so I used the paints from the the add on to the kit to match the album.

The card to write your word on had me stumped for a while. Ali’s words about feeling the pressure of writing on the kit cards rang true for me. My handwriting didn’t seem special enough. Thickers didn’t seem personal enough. But embracing the idea of creating new moments, I tried putting into practice my new hobby of calligraphy. 

For the quotation I wanted to try something a little different. After finding a lovely sentiment on pinterest it was just a matter of printing it on my selphy. I mounted it on a 6×8 print from a Ali Edwards daily december kit. I contemplated cutting out ‘quotation’ from the card but it didn’t seem to work. Instead I used the roller stamp from the kit and a banner from Kikki K to create a title of sorts. It works as a nice reminder to myself also. 

Quote doodle design by
Nikole Casassa