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A fresh start….CREATE….OLW2017

With the start of a new year comes the chance to start new habits and traditions. I’m not big on resolutions but this project, with its year long focus on bringing into your life what you want, speaks to me.

My OLW Journey

I actually first attempted One Little Word in 2016. On a whim I ordered the class, album and stamps from my hotel room, half way around the world from home.  My word was ‘ENOUGH’.

My 2017 OLW attempt

I lasted till March.

For a long time, I saw it as just another project I failed to finish. All crafters  (or at least all the ones I know) have a decent stash of works in progress! But I think not finishing last year’s OLW was less about lack of time or adding to my wip  pile and more a sign of the end of March being the point in my life when things went a little haywire. Work drama, stress, emotional triggers, family stuff. When I think back, March is the point where my grasp on balancing it all started to slip. The other difficulty, to be perfectly frank with you, was that I wasn’t ready to accept Enough just yet.  Enough is something I might work up to in years to come.

But for now, for this year, I’ve chosen create.

Create means to bring into existence


to cause to happen as a result of one’s actions.

For me it’s about being proactive in generating the things and feelings and events that matter to me most; creating my life for me. I’m  attracted to positive nature of the word create. Something about it makes me smile, which I think is something similar to people talking about a word ‘speaking’ to them. I’m also hoping to learn the lesson of last year, so that I recognise a lack of attention to this project as a sign that I need to focus on it, and me, more than ever.

Product Review from an Aussie Gal’s Perspective

The class:

The Ali Edwards class is an online class, with quite the online following. You can read all about the concept at her website if you want to get up to speed on the basics. But in essence you get a monthly email which links you to the website prompts (there’s also a facebook group).

The stuff:

In terms of product, you really can work with your own stash. Seriously!

When you purchase the class, you actually get all the kit contents as free printables so that’s a great option for anyone just wanting to dabble their toe in OLW or if you enjoy papercrafts and are keen to craft along side doing the monthly prompts. The class is discounted  $5 US till 31 December  (US time) so if you are going to join, do it now!

But sometimes it’s fun to have new things to go along with a new resolve.

My haul from Ali Edwards OLW 2017. Create journal from Kikki K

From Ali Edwards, I purchased (as pictured) :

  • the online class
  • the blue 6 x 8 album which comes with page protectors,
  • the OLW kit (which includes dividers, the monthly tags, 3×4 cards, labels and the roller stamp)
  • the word stickers
  • two 6 x 8 background stamps
  • the messy circle stamps
  • the gold quote cards
  • the screen printing kit (3 screens, 3 stencils and 3 paints)
  • 2 packs of 6×8 page protector refills (actually for a different project)

Total 166.91.  Using PayPal,  and taking into account the less than stellar  Aussie dollar, this actually cost me $232.41.

It’s a lot,  but when you consider the usual exorbitant postage prices from US stores (think Project Life’s  $US100 charge or Felicity Jane’s $US23 for the same pizza box parcel) on top of the reduced ability to get your hands on product in Australia, for me it was worth it.

For any fellow Aussie crafters also wanting to get their hands on it , I have two tips.

  1. Buy early. The class is discounted $5 before 31 December, plus some of  the product sells out fast. Like same day fast.
  2. Take advantage of the $5 international shipping deal.

Now, I realise this advice comes too late for this year but the fact that Ali Edwards offers such deals was something I stumbled across so hopefully you can get prepared for the next one. Sign up for the emails, and follow her Facebook page. That’s the best way to get the heads up. The OLW class/product got released 9th December this year. She also did a $10 international shipping deal in late November at the same time as a sale on December Daily products so it really is worth keeping an eye out.

In terms of quality of product,  everything arrived nicely packaged and in excellent condition. The one exception was that the corners on the spine of the album have a couple of creases. However, anyone familiar with these types of soft paper cover albums (from Project Life etc) know that they mark and crease just by looking at them! So all things considered, I’m very happy with the quality.

In terms of speed of postage, my experience again was good. I ordered on the  9th of December, it shipped 10th of December and I received notification delivery was attempted on 24th of December. So two weeks is very good US to Aus in the lead up to Christmas. Although in true Australia Post style, even though they left the delivery card on Christmas eve it was marked ‘please don’t collect till 29/12’.

I’ve also ordered the customisable word in the large size (small pictured below but with my word so you get the idea) Ordered the same day, it has to ship separately  (obviously, it’s custom!) but it was shipped 24 December so hopefully it’s not far away. Cost was $US15.99 so $AU 29.23 including shipping.


Whether you follow along with Ali Edwards’ class or you just like the idea of having a word to mull over as the year progresses, taking time out of each month to just focus on yourself is essential.

To keep me honest I’ll be posting updates here, and I’d love it if you shared your word journey with me here or on instagram.