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Lonky -An original star block by Darrel

Inspired by the desire my partner in @shoppershaz #starblockquiltswap expressed for wonky stars and my preference for lone stars, I came up with the notion to merge the two. …and a couple of days later the Lonky was born.  So just in case anyone else is brave (crazy) enough to want to cut up a… Read More Lonky -An original star block by Darrel

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Tooly Toolholder Pattern Review

The tooly toolholder is a pattern by sewtogether.net available for purchase on crafty.com. I stumbled across it on Instagram while searching for ideas for the #madhattersteaswap.  It doesn’t have a big following online, but it looked perfect for my parter who makes vintage signs and works with machinery, so I decided to take a risk.… Read More Tooly Toolholder Pattern Review