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DIY Mixed Media Project Life Cards

So it seems like I have the most ‘mojo’ when I’m part of a swap or some kind of crafty community event. I’m not sure whether that’s because I find it easier to create when there are rules or guild lines for or whether I’m motivated by deadlines. Mmmmm. It feels a little backward to need structure in order to let loose creatively,  but hey, whatever works, right?!

Last week I joined the June Project Life card swap run by Project Life Australia Swappers. The idea is that you send in 6 project life cards, the theme and size of what are nominated each month. Then in return you are sent 6 cards made by 6 fellow swappers.

The theme for June 2016 is chaos and the size is 3×4. There’s no rules about orientation or whether the corners should be rounded or not, but since it’s such a passionately debated topic, I decided to start with square corners and leave people free to round them if they desire!

For my first time swapping, this is what I came up with….


They are pretty straight forward but colourful and fun, and hopefully just a little bit chaotic!

How to make your own chaos cards:

1. Cut 6 3×4 inch rectangles of watercolour paper.  I chose watercolour cardstock because I knew it would hold up to the colour shine sprays without the need for gesso.

2. Line up all your cards (I wanted to keep one for me so worked on 7 in total) and just have fun with your Heidi Swapp colour shine! These 3 colours come in a pack so that made my colour choice easy, but in a happy coincidence they coordinated well with the die cuts.


3. Let dry – or cheat and use your heat gun!

4. Once you are sure the cardstock is completely dry, rub with your static tool and then use versa mark ink, border stamp and black embossing powder to create a textured edge.

My best tips for getting a clean image when you stamp –

* Invest in some kind of embossing powder tool – trust me, it’s worth it.
* Use a dry paint brush to win away any stray embossing powder that hangs behind.
* Heat your embossing powder from behind – this prevents the air flow fro, your heat gun blowing off the powder before it solidifies.  I find this is especially important with black embossing powder for some strange reason!


5. Design your quote in Microsoft Word and print on white cardboard. I choose my font and the size after being inspired by the words included in the Illustrated Faith She Blooms collection. If you want to use the chaos quote I chose, I have a download for you Darrel Rob Chaos quote PL tutorial.

6. Cut out your words and stick down using regular pva glue.

7. Select your embellishments. I decided to keep it quite simple and chose 1 bloom from either the ephemera pack or the Chipboard back from the Illustrated Faith She Blooms collection. To keep a uniform look, I stuck the ephemera down with double sided tape.


8. And finally to give the cards just a little bit of spark, I added a freckled fawn puffy gold heart. It works well in the space, and the gold echos the gold shimmer in the background.


And just for good measure, one last time, the finished set……


I’ll update this post with the cards I receive in return when the swap is complete.