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Signature Sign In – Creating a sign in page for your circle journal

It is quite common to have a ‘sign in’ page as the first double page spread in your journal. Again, ideas abound and you can make it as simple as drawing lines for your fellow creatives to literally sign their name, or as creative as you wish.

I chose to go with something in the middle and create a semi-decorated place that incorporates blank tags for the other creatives in my group to decorate and add their details.

Circle Journal sign in full.jpg

The simple way to make a page similar to this, is to purchase pre-fab tags (available  everywhere – from the Reject Shop/Kmart through to all the major scrapbooking designers) and then attach them to the bag with washi tape. But if you are interested in making it ‘from scratch’ check out my tutorial below.

Tutorial – How to make a Signature Sign In Page


For your page

  • White gesso
  • White card stock (I used 1 sheet of 12 x 12 American Crafts white cardstock)
  • Hole punch (single or the regular office hole punch, either will work)
  • Craft knife (or scissors or whatever your cutting instrument of choice is!)
  • Thin double-sided tape (or glue if you prefer)
  • Decorative papers (I used papers from the Project Life Everyday Collection 6×6 paper pad)
  • Stickers (I used Tailored Month and Day stickers from Officeworks)
  • Glossy Accents or other strong adhesive

For your tag

  • Acrylic paint (I used Jo Sonja’s Artist colour in sapphire)
  • Ink (I used Art Spectrum Artists’ Pigment Ink in turquoise)
  • Embossing powder (I used Wow metallic gold rich super fine)
  • Stamps (I used Heidi Swapp and Kasiercrafts)
  • Stencil (I used Shimelle)
  • Stickers (I used 1 puffy heart sticker from my stash)
  • Stamping pads (I used Versamark and Stayzon black ink)
  • Cord
  • Gloss varnish (I used Jo Sonja’s gloss varnish)
  • Face wipe or baby wipe
  • Small paintbrush
  • Glossy Accents or other strong adhesive

1. The background

Cover both sides of your spread with white gesso and set aside to dry completely.

Since the pages were previously treated (see tutorial here) this is really just a decorative element. But it adds nice texture, and I like to think it speaks to the nature of the journal.

2. The tags

Making tags is very simple, even if you don’t have a die or template.

Simply cut  12 rectangles from the white AC cardstock. Punch a single hole at the top of each rectangle, in the centre. Then you snip off the top two corners to create your tag.  That’s it!

Circle journal blank tags.jpg









The dimensions for my tags were 7.5 x 5cm and I snipped off the corners 1cm down from each edge. You can follow this diagram Darrel Rob – Tag and Holder Dimensions

Circle Journal tag template image.jpg

 3. The holders:

The idea is to make little holders for the tags, so that the tags can be easily removed for decorating/reading but still remain secure in transit. I found holders that are not quite half as long as the tags they will hold work well.

Circle journal Tag holders

Cut a rectangular piece of your decorative paper 11cm wide and 3 cm high. You then need to score your rectangle horizontally at 4.7cm and 5.3 cm to create two smaller rectangles and 1 flap. Seal the bottom of your holder by placing 5mm double-sided tape along the bottom of the middle rectangle (the 5.3cm one) and folding down the 4.7cm rectangle. Then attach the flap to the 4.7cm rectangle with more double sided tape. You can follow this diagram – Darrel Rob – Tag and Holder Dimensions

Circle journal holder template image

Attach your 12 holders to the gesso with double-sided tape, or something stronger like glossy accents if your gesso is super textured. Then, if you like, you can decorate the front of the holders. I’ve added month stickers with a little glossy accents so that each of my journal creatives knows which tag to decorate.

4. Decorating your tag

Since you will be creating the first double page spread in your journal to define your theme (see tutorial here) I think it’s nice if you also sign in.

I decorated my tag with the following processes but really you can just go crazy with whatever comes to mind!

Tag close up.jpg

First, I coated the whole tag with white gesso and let it dry. Next, I painted the tag (back and front) with blue acrylic paint. Then I used modeling paste with a heart stencil to create the dimensional background on the front of the tag. When the paste had dried, I used a face wipe to ‘dab’ turquoise ink on the tag (back and front). The gesso partially resists the ink so you get different tones of blue.

To create the next layer, I used stayzon black ink with a tiny words background stamp to stamp the tag, on top of everything else. Stayzon is great for going over multiple mediums. Continuing with stamping, I stamped the word ‘create’ with versa mark ink, and then gold embossed it. I then used a paintbrush to ‘flick’ some tiny ink splatter across the tag from the bottom right corner towards the top left corner.

I wrote my details (name, email and IG) on the back of a tag with a white gel pen but I suggest you use a sharpie because it will smudge! To seal the tag, I gave it 1 coat of varnish. Finally, the finishing touches were adding the puffy heart sticker with some glossy accents and adding cord to the top hole.

Tag in situ.jpg

And one final tip – when you have all your ‘messy’ supplies out, it is a great idea to have a few spare blank tags out too. It’s a great way to use up any left over gesso, ink, paint etc so you don’t waste anything and as a bonus you have pretty tags on hand for presents, pocket letters, scrapbooking pages or whatever you want!

Here’s a few I made while making my sign in page:

Mixed media tags.jpg

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