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Setting the Theme: A Guilty Pleasures Circle Journal

Picking a theme for your circle journal is not in any way a requirement but it can be a lot of fun. Plus, a theme helps the other members of your circle journal by providing a starting place.

Just about anything goes. If you are scratching around for ideas, do a quick google search for ‘circle journal themes’ and pick what takes your fancy. I was reviewing one of those lists (this one actually) and Guilty Pleasures just jumped out at me. Mostly because lately my crafting has been a bit of a guilty pleasure, creeping into time when I should be working or doing other adulting type things!

So this is what I came up with:

Guilty Pleasures Darrel Rob.jpg

Now as you can see I am a beginner when it comes to mixed media. In fact, this is my very first art journal page. But I have to say, it won’t be my last! It’s so much fun! No structure, no rules, just creating until you get the urge to stop (or need to sleep!). I was inspired by lots of tutorials on YouTube but two of my favourites are Wilna Furstenberg and Irit Landgraf.

Since I’m still learning I don’t have a proper tutorial for this page but I’ve set out below so information about some of the features I like best on this page, just in case you’re interested. Enjoy!

The definition:

  • I created a simple Word file in order to print out the definition of ‘guilty pleasures’. I was originally going to print the title too, but decided the page needed a bit of bling and went with rose gold sticker alphas instead.  If you’re interested in creating your own Guilty Pleasures art journal page, here’s my template of the words. Circle journal guilty pleasures – words

Words example.jpg

The images:

  • The doodled hearts and flowers are from a set you can purchase from Wilna Furstenberg. I bought the ‘Word Bouquet’ set but there are so many to choose from and most are available as printables or as cut files. I’m still old-school (read – no Silhouette) so I just printed the images, fussy cut them, adhered them with regular glue and then painted in some of the details with Jo Sonjas’ metallic acrylic paints. I’m obsessed with Wilna’s images – so pretty!

The background:

  • The background is a simple layer of gelatos in rainbow colours with some stamping overlaid in patches. But what I added over the top of it all, were cut outs of the words ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and the definition of guilty pleasures in different sizes printed on Extrav Organza Elegant Inkjet Printable Semi-Transparent Silk Sheets. This is amazing stuff that has been languishing in my stash for years. It’s a silky material connected to regular white paper so you can run it through your normal printer. After I printed out the word file linked above in a few different sizes, I cut it the words, frayed the edges and stuck them down with some small dobs of regular craft glue (although they recommend using vellum tape). Love how it adds interest, texture and detail all at the same time!

Guilty Pleasure close up material

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